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A Better Calendar

The World's Simplest Organizational Software - And FREE

  Save, search, and organize your lists and notes, thoughts and ideas
(Like EverNote, Notion, Microsoft OneNote, or Wunderlist)

  Manage projects, support tickets, and knowledge bases
(Like Trello or Jira)

  Keep your calendar and schedule events
(Like Outlook)

  Store and search your documents
(Like OneDrive or DropBox)

  Share resources
(Like Google Docs)

  Send reminders and notifications
(Like iPhone)

  Communicate with friends and co-workers
(Like Slack)

  Connect, network, and invite
(Like LinkedIn)

  Share pictures and memories
(Like FaceBook)

  Make slideshows
(Like PowerPoint)
  Online and Always Available.

  Intuitive and Easy to Use.

  Contacts, Calendars, Appointments, Notifications, Reminders

  To-Do Lists, Project Management, Support Tickets, Knowledge Bases

  Document Storage, Audio, Video

  Presentations and Slide Shows

  Collaboration and Resource Sharing

  Search, Sort, Filter, Find Anything

  Keeps Private Information Private

  Makes Public Information Available to People Who Need It